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Vol. 1 No. 4 Jul 2002

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Home and Away
QLRS Vol. 1 No. 4 Jul 2002


Short Stories
Extra Media
The Acid Tongue

On everyone thinking about home.


Home Purchase
By Koh Jee Leong.

Forgetting How To Swim
By Joanne Leow.

Watching My Grandmother Eat Fish
By Joanne Leow.

Guardian Angel
By Cyril Wong.

By Lee Tse Mei.

13 Ways of Looking at a Durian
By Chris Mooney Singh.

By Eugene Datta.

Lamu By Night
By Stephen derwent Partington.

By Lau Peet Meng.

Short Stories

The Ending Could Not Be Right
By Eileen Chew.

Jules in Paris, Spring
By Ng Shing-Yi.

.357 Magnum
By Eugene Datta.

The Rolling of the Tiger's Eye
By Peter Loh.


Writing the Word Ren in Open Air
By Gui Wei Hsin.

Uncertainty and Scepticism in Arthur Yap
By Cyril Wong.

Ham and Eard: Ideas of Home
By Toh Hsien Min.


Maiden Voyage Flounders on Lack of Distinction
Leonard Ng reviews kensai's Maiden.

Overworked Symbols Conceal Gems
Afiza reviews The Merlion and the Hibiscus.

Tales of the City
Jeremy Samuel reviews Postmodern Singapore.

Candle to the Sun
Toh Hsien Min reviews David Lehman's The Evening Sun.

Marrying Death to Beauty
Cyril Wong reviews Linda Pastan's The Last Uncle.


Konfrontation and Konversion
Interview with Stella Kon.

The Man's A Sharma
Interview with Haresh Sharma.

Extra Media

Local Content and Its Discontents
Richard Lord on second-quarter local theatre.

Action Speaks Louder With Words
Richard Lord on soups, fruits and suits.

Of Pigs, Poseurs and Parties
Richard Lord on Wild Rice’s Animal Farm and Action Theatre’s Mammon Inc.

Appreciations: Travellers' Singapore
Liana Chua revisits an alternative anthology.

Black Cat's Misfortune
Amos Tang reviews Múm.

Singapore Arts Festival Special

A Forum For All
Richard Lord comments on the Arts Fest theatre forum.

Revel without a Causeway
Richard Lord reviews Causeway.

Opulent Minimalism
Cyril Wong reviews the Michael Nyman Band.

Urgency, Power and Sensibility
Francis Phang reviews Compagnie Marie Chouinard.

Movements in Two-d
Francis Phang reviews Nomadi Productions's Opal-d.

Triumph of Form over Content
Richard Lord reviews Le Costume.

Walking the Plan K
Francis Phang reviews Compagnie Charleroi/Danses - Plan K's Metapolis - Project 972.

Musicians or Music-Gladiators
Loh Jee Kean reviews the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

Do Not Be Alarmed
Francis Phang reviews Ecnad Project Limited's Missing in Tall Pillars.

Cherry Blossoms in China
Richard Lord reviews The Morning People.

Drama of Trauma
Richard Lord reviews Occupation.

Cannons and Lilting Conversations
Francis Phang reviews the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.

The Acid Tongue

The A4ria Society is less than undecided about the Arts Fest

Edited by:
Chief/Poetry: Toh Hsien Min
Short Stories: Cyril Wong
Essays: Heng Siok Tian and Elaine Foo
Criticism: Elaine Foo and Chia Yueh-Chin
Interviews: Elaine Foo
Extra Media: Cyril Wong and Chia Yueh-Chin
The Acid Tongue: Cyril Wong
Technical: C. S. C. Lee

QLRS Vol. 1 No. 4 Jul 2002


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