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These are the QLRS issues to date.

Vol. 3 No. 3 Apr 2004
Poems by Koh Tsin Yen, Ng Teng Kuan, Brandon Lee, Kirby Wright and Oswald LeWinter, short stories by Marshall J. Getz, G.J. Reynolds and Jerry Vilhotti, reviews of Contouring, unmarked treasure, The Sea in Blossom and Sanskrit of the Body, interviews with Frieda Hughes and Adam Williams, reviews of Singapore theatre, among others.

Vol. 3 No. 2 Jan 2004
Poems by Grace Chua, Cyril Wong, Gilbert Koh, Edlyn Ang and Ken Lee, short stories by Chan Ziqian, Joji Jacob and Yongsoo Park, essay by Ronald Klein, reviews of The Gunpowder Trail and Other Stories, The Ocean of Ambition, Alternative (Post)Modernity: An Asian Perspective and Losing Oneself in Remote Asia, interview with Bernardine Evaristo, reviews of Singapore theatre, among others.

Vol. 3 No. 1 Oct 2003
Poems by Mark Pirie, W.B. Keckler, Ronny Someck, Oswald LeWinter and Charles Lowe, short stories by Chan Ziqian, Neil Grimmett and Daren Shiau, essays by Ng Teng Kuan, Amy Lai, Miguel Jaime Ongpin and Toh Hsien Min, review of a single headlamp, reviews of Singapore drama, among others.

Vol. 2 No. 4 Jul 2003
Poems by Amjad Nasser, D.J. Huppatz, Alvin Pang, Grace Chua and Stephen Oliver, short story by Ng Shing Yi, essays by Ng Shing Yi, Lee Seow Ser and Amy Lai, reviews of City of Rain, No Visitors Allowed, Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover, PIE to SPOILT and The Manic Memoirs of Terry Ho, reviews of Singapore Arts Festival and local drama, among others.

Vol. 2 No. 3 Apr 2003
Poems by Zhang Ruihe, Eugene Datta, Ng Shing Yi and Yeow Kai Chai, short stories by Desmond Kwok and Ma Shaoling, essays by Daniel de Roulet and Wendy Gan, reviews of From Boys to Men, Broken By The Rain, People Like Us and Life and Death in Changi, interview with Felix Cheong, reviews of Singapore drama and performance art, among others.

Vol. 2 No. 2 Jan 2003
Poems by Koh Jee Leong, Alvin Pang and a host of new voices, short stories by Heng Siok Tuan, Hong Wee and Bonnie J. Glover, essays by Alice Mendoza and Michael Zeller, review of below: absence, interview with Koh Buck Song, a Javascript poem, reviews of Singapore drama, among others.

Vol. 2 No. 1 Oct 2002
Poems by Angeline Yap, Gilbert Koh, Jerome Kugan, Aaron Lee, Alvin Pang, short stories by Wena Poon, Sheri Kristen Goh and Bonnie J. Glover, essays by Teng Qian Xi and Alice Mendoza, reviews of dowhile, last three women, Singapore Literature: A Critical Reader, more Singapore drama, among others.

Vol. 1 No. 4 Jul 2002
Poems by Koh Jee Leong, Joanne Leow, Chris Mooney Singh, short stories by Eileen Chew, Ng Shing-Yi and Eugene Datta, essays by Gui Wei Hsin and Toh Hsien Min, reviews of Maiden, The Merlion and the Hibiscus and Postmodern Singapore, interviews with Stella Kon and Haresh Sharma, Singapore Arts Festival Special, among others.

Vol. 1 No. 3 Apr 2002
Poems by Leonard Schwartz, Felix Cheong, Gilbert Koh, Karen Low, short stories by Cyril Wong and Michael Chu, essay by Zia Zaman, review of Got Singapore!, interview with Alvin Pang and Yong Shu Hoong, among others.

Vol. 1 No. 2 Jan 2002
Poems by Stephen Pain, Wendy Gan, Cyril Wong, Daren Shiau, short stories by Agnes Lam and Hong Wee, essays by Eddie Tay and Cyril Wong, review of The End of His Orbit, interview with David Mitchell, among others.

Vol. 1 No. 1 Oct 2001
Poems by John Tranter, Arthur Yap, Alvin Pang, Yeow Kai Chai, Gilbert Koh, essays by Eddie Tay and Tan Hwee Hwee, reviews of Electric Light and The Beauty of the Husband, our first instalments of The Singaporean Poem and The Classic Poem, among others.

Beta Issue
This slim issue containing poems by new voices and an interview with Bob Perelman kicks off the QLRS site.



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