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Vol. 2 No. 4 Jul 2003

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At the Leipzig Gewandhaus
So much to inspire - and to douse

By Jason Wee

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra
Conducted by Herbert Blomstedt
11 Jun 2003, The Esplanade

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra Plays the Esplanade

The trombones of his own breathlessness bombast all he could
Late as I was, I picked the wrong programme as I sat down
                                                said the reviewer.

For the next pleasant minutes he took Bís Pastoral for
                                                Mozartís Jupiter.
Said reviewer, the anxiety of influence so strong in the younger

Likewise, Johnson draws this shoebox a lineage from the
                                                Musikvereinís GroŖer.
Said reviewer, it was a struggle to kill the pantheonís father.

From no other city than this could he have found a new Vienna.
An achievement notwithstanding the condition of tinnitus in my

Which, under the circumstances, is a minor gift of a neuter
Against the rousing plastic bags, rear-ending phones and pagers.

Not considering the way it nuances his sense of joie de vivre.
Useful when you discover Schumannís cello in Straussí Des
                                                Helden Widersacher.

Our stone-deaf Tiresias joined intermissionís crowd at the
Between the bellís third crow and my seat, I chanced on my

While jiggling his last sip of Evian mineral water.
Two mouths trail past, rearguing the strings in Mendelsohnís
                                                Overture (!).

The doors to the music shut faster than to a Latter-Day
The notes mutinied off their staffs - wholes, eighths, halves,

Tiresias has a deadline to his king in four hours.
The rest of the concert to the applause was a blur.

The moment of decision is madness, says one philosopher.
First thing I did at home was to visit www.gewandhaus.de

First rule of review: use adjectives. Second rule, flatter.
Only way to transform small byline to poster headliner.

ĎSonorous elegance on disciplined stringsí wrote the reviewer.
The blind reading the blind, save I, knew none the better.

QLRS Vol. 2 No. 4 Jul 2003


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